Taking the Blame

Balloon after balloon we stand there and twist.  Our focus and energy is in making creative balloon figures and to be witty for the audience watching.  As the line grows in stature, fatigue rears its ugly head and we wonder who thought of this stupid setup?

I’m not referring to your entertainment setup, but the placement of the entertainer, traffic flow or number of entertainers. You arrive to the venue all ready to go and check in.  Gathered are the decision makers wondering where to place the balloon person.  Very little thought is going into the placement; they’re just looking to plunk you into an empty hole.

At the end of your allotted time, you need to leave. That’s when the fireworks occur. If you are lucky you may have a trick up your sleeve to help alleviate tensions, or have an assistant with no executive power to help shutdown the line. Who gets the blame for leaving, the entertainer? Nobody complains to the people who choreographed this debacle. They are off doing something else.

Eliminate problems by simply working with the planning committee. Point out problems that you have seen in the past and implement procedures to make the event special and hassle free.  I’ve worked with one committee for 10 years and have them trained to check-in to see how things are going, cutoff the line, bring water, and to make sure that I and my audiences is taken care of.   I always make suggestions on how to improve my entertainment experience. After all, the entertainer is the expert; teach the client proper techniques for dealing with crowds and you’ll have a great show.

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