Big Balloon Design Goes Small

Balloon Figure

If you attended the Robbie Furman,  Deco-Twisting balloon jam (Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons) this past week, you would have learned how to make an eight-foot-high balloon person.  The design was cute and had a lot of potentials.

Robbie gave ideas on different ways to transform a quick and straightforward balloon figure into other characters.  The balloon figure uses a  3-foot round, 646, 350’s, 260, and 16″ Geo blossoms, and the overall assembly was easy for decorators and entertainers to master, just by using basic balloon twists.  He even advised on how to transport such a large balloon centerpiece to an event.

Robbie had an award-winning personality that made the class fun to participate in and had many entertainers in the room made for an exciting night.

Balloon Figure

As a balloon entertainer, I had more fun the next day downsizing the sculpture to kid level. My boys had fun running around the house with “the girl,” as they like to call the balloon figure.

As you can see, downsizing the design still made it some 30-inches tall or the size of a 2-year old.

I think they’re slowly becoming best friends.

Big Balloon Design Goes Small
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Big Balloon Design Goes Small
This article is about downsizing balloons shape taught at a Robbie Furman, Deco-Twisting balloon jam (Sponsored by Qualatex Balloons)
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