Benefit for Janet Reichel Krusza

Benefit for Janet Reichel KruszaEveryday we meet people that need support.  Some will hold out their hand and graciously  accept it while others will say nothing and keep to themselves and forge onward.  When you see their determination and will power it inspires you to want to help. Family and friends rally to support them and provide them with the extra courage to battle anything that comes in their path.  It’s an honor when you meet these people with this dedication and zest for life.

I hope you will join me at the Janet Reichel Krusza benefit to help support such a person.  I know her family and friends would appreciate your participation and financial support.  So come and give a little of your time and support Janet with her  friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors,  and me.

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1 thought on “Benefit for Janet Reichel Krusza”

  1. Dear Dale – We are so grateful for your support of the benefit event for Janet’s Journey. The benefit would have been incomplete without the humor of your balloons flying around the room and the art of balloon (random balloon rocket, alien, princess, giraffe, etc.) Please accept this “Thank you!” and multiply it by the 200+ people who experienced your artistic genius. I am really and truly grateful you were there. THANK YOU!!!

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