Balloon Entertainer Fascinated with Lego Toys

Stacked lego heads made from twisting balloon by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

A bag of balloons to a balloon entertainer is like a bag of Legos to a Lego’s designer. The possibilities are just endless. As I surfed the Net, I came across a picture of many Lego heads connected. What a great idea!

Heads, stacked on heads. Now that is a novel idea. It did not take me long to reproduce the look. I spent more time looking at Lego faces and studying which face I wanted to draw.

The next day my son was playing with his Lego’s and I was so tempted to pull off all their heads and stack them, but a cooler head prevailed. It is like teaching a child that Barbie’s head does come off. Once they see it, every Barbie they own is decapitated.

This is an excellent way to practice drawing faces.  Lego faces are not too detailed, so the average person should be able to draw the basic face.

Balloon Entertainer Fascinated with Lego Toys
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Balloon Entertainer Fascinated with Lego Toys
This blog post shows how using lego heads can give inspiration to drawing on balloon animals.
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Balloon Animals Blog
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