List of Balloon Groups On Facebook

wpid-IMG_20130305_175030.jpgThere are many Facebook groups for balloon artists.   Some are private groups – invite only.  There are even secret balloon groups.  Oops, the first rule is you are not supposed to talk about these secret groups, unless your in the group. If your in a secret group, pull out your decoder rings and start decoding the hidden message.

Here is a list of the groups that are open to the public and entertainers of the world.

    1. Balloon Twisters/Sculptures
    2. Balloon
    3. Balloon Alphabet Game
    4. Balloon Twisting/ Balloon Art Face Painters/Clowns/Entertainers!
    5. Balões e Arte Ceará
    6. Balões, Globos, Balloons
    7. Belgian Balloon Artists
    8. FESTAS & CIA
    9. Magical Balloon-dude Dale
    10. Qualatex Group
    11. The Balloon man
    12. We Love Balloons
    13. Western Regional Clown

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