Ten Ways to Dull a Sharp Fingernail

2013-03-08 17.23.33Balloons spinning, fingers flying, and oh crap,  I just split a fingernail while popping a balloon.  I pop balloons by pinching the balloon between the index fingernail and thumbnail.  With a tearing twist, the balloon pops and I am off twisting again. After a while, the nail gets weak and one nail just tears into the other nail.  When this happens, I am left with a sharp nail.  To many people this is not a big issue, but to me and a couple other balloon entertainers a ragged nail snags balloons and causes self-inflicted scratches.

I was getting ready to entertain at the Chicago Bulls game with fellow entertainer Lori Wheeles and as we are talking, Lori is looking for a place to dull a fingernail that has become a lethal weapon to her balloon animals.

We laughed at different ways we have dulled a dangerous nail.  Here are ten things I have used to prune a sharp nails while entertaining.

  1.  Bricks
  2.  Mortar
  3.  Scissor
  4. Box Cutter
  5. Sidewalk
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Ridges on quarter
  8. Ridges on bottle top
  9. Rubber sole of gym shoe
  10. Ridges on nozzle of the balloon pump


1 thought on “Ten Ways to Dull a Sharp Fingernail”

  1. Why don’t we do the obvious thing? Keep a nail clipper in our balloon setup? I once had one, but then I did an event at the airport and TSA found it when I was going through security…

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