Four Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hairbands in Your Balloon Twisting

Dale Campbell - Hulk

A “Hairband” Even Bald Guys Can Be In

A few summer’s ago, I had the good fortune of meeting, twister extraordinaire, Alberto Nava while he was on tour teaching classes on adding hairbands to one’s balloon twisting repertoire.  I was both intrigued and excited to try it, so I purchased his “Hairbands” DVD, ordered my first box of hairbands and set out to begin trying to come up with ideas and designs of my own.

Here’s some valid reasons why you should consider adding hairbands to your balloon twisting:

1.  Hairbands give you an additional option for displaying your balloon sculptures.  You may already make hats, bracelets and rings.  Hairbands give you another option to offer your clients.  Imagine if every client you were to hand a balloon sculpture to were to walk away with that sculpture held high in the air for all to see.  The crowd would want to know where that cool sculpture had been made. Your clients then point back in your direction and your waiting line blows up!  A balloon sculpture mounted to a hairband is like placing multiple walking-billboards all around your venue! They are easily seen by all and attract the curious to find where they may obtain your works of art.

2.Seal Hairbands can be used much like business cards. Some excellent advice given in Alberto’s hairband class was to borrow or purchase a label maker.  Print off enough labels (containing your contact info) for each of your hairbands and place the label on the inside each one.  This label will then be covered by a 350/360 balloon.  Days, or weeks later when the balloon is torn off the hairband and discarded, the client will then have your website or phone number to reach you for future bookings.

3.  Most designs you already know can be modified to fit on a hairband.  When this point finally dawned on me, I went back to some of my original designs and began to modify them for hairbands. For example, the spider-eye baby seal pictured above was changed from a 350/360 body and 260 flippers to just 160 flippers for the hairband design. The body wasn’t needed to get the idea across. The backsides of the flippers are attached to the hairband, but hidden from view by the front of the flippers. Think of the designs you presently make that can easily be adapted for a hairband.

Dollar Sign4.  “Perceived Value” is a term you should get to know. defines perceived value as:  “A customer’s opinion of a product’s value to him or her. It may have little or nothing to do with the product’s market price, and depends on the product’s ability to satisfy his or her needs or requirements.”  Your clients should always feel like they are getting more than their money’s worth and would never hesitate to hire you back for repeat gigs. When you become proficiently confident at making hairbands and begin using them at your gigs, you have diversified what you have to offer as a balloon twister to your client.  You are staying ahead of your competition as well as establishing your “perceived value” in the eyes of your clients.  At the end of each gig, you should want to hear your client say, “I have never seen anything like what you do!” Strive to up your perceived value by adding hairbands as another option for your clients.

I would like to thank Dale Obrochta for inviting me to be a guest blogger.  Thanks for your patience and this opportunity to put words to what we do.

Alberto Nava’s Hairbands DVD may be found on sale at balloon suppliers that offer quality educational DVD’s.  Hairbands (1/2-inch, foamless & toothless) may be purchased at or check with your balloon supplier.

5 thoughts on “Four Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hairbands in Your Balloon Twisting”

  1. Great idea! I have several dozen headbands & wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Thank you for this post. Any chance on a quick tutorial of the little seal?

    Appreciate your blog more than you know!


  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how you apply them. The man with the seal hat – where is the band?
    BTW, that seal is awesome.

  3. Christine – Right now, I only have the PDF of the seal in the upper pic. I’m in the process of making more PDFs of my work .
    Muriel – if you look real close at the flippers, you’ll see I have hidden the attachment places on the backside of the flippers with uninflated scraps. There is a hairband covered in a black 350 . It is hard to see. Hope that helps.
    Dale the Balloon Twister Campbell

  4. there is a difference between a hairband and a headband. I’ve seen both used here. Is it the small ring-shape elastic like for a ponytail or is like a headband a runner might wear?

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