Pinterest Stealing Images

Recently my wife started looking around Pinterest and noticed a balloon frog. Several days later, she looked around my sites when she saw the same picture of the frog. Some Pinterest users like the image and pin it to their accounts.

Now, it’s no big deal when it happens, bloggers have linked to images for years, and many will address and give credit to the origins from which the image came.

Pinterest is the wild west of picture stealing. You see too many images to be created. My frog and other photos are up there multiple times with no mention of who did the work.

You would think Internet developers would have learned by now, but it seems we must go back to the old days when you needed to post an image for the public to view you have a URL slapped on it.

Bring on those high-definition devices with all those pixels. You’re just making it easier for readers to see my URL strategy placed on the image that you so badly want to use.

So you can choose to lead the pack and advance with caution, reducing risk and profit, or keep advancing learning, building, and breaking new ground. Your advances will create leaders in your wake.

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