Everything Old Is New Again

Balloon Zombie

Artists can create. After all, unlike the person working on the manufacturing line assembling bolts onto a widget, that is how we earn a living. Artists have a significant advantage in the social media world. A photographer’s image captures the imagination of the viewer. Thus people click the “Share” button and leave comments. Yet, the … Read more

Watermark Cell Phone Pictures

Smartphones are the laptops of the future and we are only going to gain more productivity in years to come. They have replaced a good percentage of home phones and are rapidly replacing the digital camera. I am guessing that in the next couple of years Smartphones and tablets will be crushing the laptop industry. New productivity … Read more

Pinterest Stealing Images

Recently my wife started looking around Pinterest and noticed a balloon frog. Several days later, she looked around my sites when she saw the same picture of the frog. Some Pinterest users like the image and pin it to their accounts. Now, it’s no big deal when it happens, bloggers have linked to images for … Read more