Like a Pilgrim

Whoa, take ‘er easy there, Pilgrim

Like the Pilgrims, the first balloon entertainers were breaking new ground. With limited resources, they had to use what was available to them and develop skills and techniques to ensure their survival.  The Pilgrims had the new America, which gave them the freedom to express themselves. Like the development of the twisting balloon, it gave magicians and clowns a tool to express themselves.

Entertainers now had a tool that allowed them to freely and whimsically make an animal that no person had ever seen before. These early crusaders set the basic standards for what we do.  No judgment was placed on these people for doing what others had done, they were in a new era in history, and they were making it.

So we give thanks to those who forged in America’s wilderness to make the Greatest Place on Earth. We have to look back at the early balloon artist and say “Thank you” for being the first Pilgrim’s in the world of balloon entertainment.

Like a Pilgrim
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Like a Pilgrim
A short tribute article that compares the Pilgrims to early balloon artists and entertainers
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Balloon Animals Blog
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