How I get People to Follow Me on Twitter and Facebook

Telling the worldThis is a question is asked of many successful websites—“How do you get people to follow you?  I Twitter and Facebook all the time, but cannot get people to follow me? “

Many people, who follow an entertainer, follow them because they are interested in what they do for a living.  Followers are curious about the entertainer in general, but mostly they care about the entertainment industry they work in.   I have thousands of followers who follow my newsletter and blog.  I can send out an email about a new venue that I am performing at and receive a lukewarm response.  However, if I upload pictures of balloon animals I have just made, I can get 75% of the audience to respond in a day.

Now, I am not telling you have to do  a picture of a balloon every day, but your followers are using you as the expert to guide them to the cool site and pictures.  I can make a Facebook posting about a cool advertisement that I saw and get a 100 people to take a look at it.  Why did they look—they recognize me as a person who provides excellent resources or cool stuff for them to look at.

Is our EGO too big to recommend another entertainers website? Many entertainers are gun shy of sending their customer to another entertainer’s website.  If you are giving them the link, they do not have to do the research.  People are lazy and would rather have the data handed to them.  Since you are the source of the information, they will look to you first to see if you have links to other cool stuff.  You become the first spot that they look for for  information.

Now, the question for you is, why haven’t you been taking advantage of 100 Articles in October? Over the past 10 days, 12 different people contributed 100 articles.  Giving you the perfect opportunity to tweet and Facebook a  post response about articles being written.  You could come across as an expert agreeing or disagreeing with the article.  You can tell people “I know this person, they are a personal friend! Come read about my friend” or “Don’t follow this advice, (article URL) I know a better solution – email me after reading the article and I will tell you how.” Build a relationship with your readers and they will follow.

The twelve writers and I have done all the hard work of writing and posting the articles.  All you need to do is act like an expert and inform your followers.  Once they realize that you have giving them valuable information, they will tell others—and we all know how powerful word of mouth advertising can be.

Just remember, the Internet is a large place and you can be  a simple plankton floating adrift in the water waiting to be engulfed by a Humpback whale, or you can become a Great White shark and protocol the waters educating, informing, and providing comedic relief to all the other little fish that follow closely behind.

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