Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

QHow many years have you been a balloonist?
AI started ballooning in 1988.
QWhat started you in ballooning entertaining?
A My twisted friends–I stumbled across a group of performers who practice at the local college. I was amazed by their talents. I learned how to juggle, stilt walks, ride a unicycle, basic magic, bullwhip, fence, gymnastics, devil sticks, and ballooning.
QDo I like balloon entertaining?

I find balloon entertaining to be fun, and interesting. Yes, I like to see the amazement on a person’s face when I create a balloon sculpture they requested. They are amazed when it looks just like what they requested. No imagination required!
QDo I do charity events?
ANo/Yes–I work for charity events that have hired me in the past. You hire me once, then call me for the freebies. I have to pay my bills too.
QWhat is the most difficult balloon figure that you make?
A The “most difficult balloon” question is asked by kids and adults all the time. Which translates into, “Make that balloon for me”. My standard answer is “The one I am working on. If the balloon breaks I have to start all over”.
QDo you have entertainment insurance?
A Yes, as a professional entertainer and business – YES.
QDo your kids get balloons?
A My two boys would rather me play catch, go fishing, or do some activities with them as balloons are just tools that dad uses for work.
QHave you been on TV or Radio?
AYes, I have been on WGN Morning News, ABC News, and AM 1000 Sports Radio.
QDo you teach balloon classes?
AYes but for the balloon industry or large groups. If you are interested in a course call (78) 744-0234
QWhere do you get your balloons?
AYou can pick up twisting balloons (260Q) at your local trick shop or online.
QHow far do you travel?
Most of my travel is local but will travel anywhere as long as you’re paying for the travel expense.
QHow do you get your ballooning jobs?
AI work with entertainment agents, self-promotion, word of mouth, press releases, and business cards.
QDo you do private parties?
AYes, When and where do you want me?
QAre you an Artist?
A I draw on almost every balloon, and I’ve become pretty good at drawing faces. But I tell people that I am not an artist. Artists are starving at some hotel with drawings they drew. (Get it… haha ..starving artist sale)
QWhat is your favorite character?
AWarner Brothers characters are my favorite because I grew up watching them on TV as a kid.
Q What is the most interesting place you have worked?
A UNITED Center, Chicago Bulls opening games 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997. Every time a world championship. GO BULLS! Worked 1998-99 games but not opening.