If you ask Dale where he learned his skills, he will tell you from a bunch of twisted people. While attending college he met a group of professional entertainers, which met every Monday and would practice in the gym. Always wanting to learn how to juggle, Dale joined this merry group. This Illinois entertainer learned from world-class jugglers, unicyclists, magicians, clowns, balloonists, fire-eaters, theatrical entertainers, and vaudevillians. “I did not realize at the time how lucky I was to be working with such talented people and the skills and techniques that were freely given to me,” said Dale “I have used all my entertainment skills over the years, but have decided I would rather be a Master of one form of entertainment, than a jack-of-all-trades. So a Master Balloonist I became.” Dale has been making people laugh since 1984 and still does over 2,000 shows a year. His many accomplishments so far in his life have been:

* Master’s Degree in Communication
* MC for Cable Television Show
* Performed on NBC and WGN
* On-premise Promotions Entertainer for Harris Gaming Corporation
* Author of Faces, Faces, Balloon Faces, and Mardi Gras Bead Twisting
* Developed largest individually owned balloon website – mbd2.com
* Introduced Festive Alien and Clown Head balloons to the balloon industry
* Operates a successful e-commerce website selling entertainment supplies