How To Take Two Simple Halloween Balloon Figures And Make It Awesome

I have always been a fan of combining balloon figures and Halloween is the time of year when I like putting a twist on designs.

Popular among the kids is photobombing, and I thought what would happen if a ghost decided to photobomb a teenager. What would that look like?

Well a couple of balloon twists later, I came up with this simple Halloween design. I used a Betallatex white heart for the ghost; Betallatex hearts come with a longer balloon neck. The arms of the ghost are made from white 160 balloons. Two pinch twists for the neck allowed me to adjust the head so it appears that it is looking up. Otherwise, the ghost head faces down and lessons the wow factor.

The girl’s body needed to be wide enough to force the ghost (white heart) through the body.


Creating Awesomeness

Combining figures is about taking simple figures and interconnecting them to give a unique perspective, funny outcome, or create originality. Many times I can take simple designs, combine them, and get a wow factor without spending hours working on details.

Combining balloon designs is an easy solution to making the simple look impressive.

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