A List Of The Must-Haves For Balloon Entertainers At Halloween

Pumpkin made from Link-O-Loon Balloons

When the leaves show the first signs of changing color, I start preparing my balloon inventory for Halloween. I avoid the specialty balloon. I’m just not a fan of imprinted balloons due to the cost and the fact that I can never use them all up in one season. I spend the next 11 months storing the leftover balloons and looking for ways to use them up.

Yet, here are the things I must have for Halloween balloon entertainment.

  1. An excess number of the following 260 balloons.
    1. White – I use this for my ghost and cat faces.
    2. Black – Dracula, cats, witches, bats, and anything else that goes bump in the night. I have a black balloon in the design.
    3. Green – It does not matter what color green it is, as long as I can make witches, ghouls, and pumpkin stems.
  2. White 11-inch rounds. I love making my ghost, which can be cute or scary. It is great for line work or private parties, a versatile design that works in any environment.
  3. Orange Link-O-Loon – 12-inch preferred. This is a great balloon for making pumpkins and has ample space to draw a Halloween face to your liking. This is another balloon great for line work or private events.
  4. Markers – I use more colored paint markers at Halloween than any other time. Orange, Purple, Yellow, White, and Red are there to add accent details that put the finishing touch on a Halloween balloon design. Switching white for yellow and blue for red can take the cute to creepy in minutes. A technique that I love and regularly use at Halloween.

Do you need 20 different balloons, imprints, and specialty designs, or do you work with what you have? Leave me a comment, and let me know your list of must-haves at Halloween.

4 thoughts on “A List Of The Must-Haves For Balloon Entertainers At Halloween”

  1. I carry a limited number of imprints for the same reason: storing the leftovers for a year and finding them next season. I would add “lilac 260” to your list. Lime green and lilac are great combinations for ghouls and goblins.

  2. I am making a goal to use what I have in stock instead of purchasing a lot of imprints. However, there are some imprints I really like such as the alien faces and specialty balloons like the geo blossoms and link o loons which make line twisting for me a bit faster.

  3. If they make the job easier, and don’t cut in to the profit margin then they may be the best solution for you. Yet, I find storing all the unused balloon not worth the pennies saved.

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