Just a Fly’n Bye

It is hard to believe that in a couple days  there will be 6 months until Christmas, where has the year gone?  I find myself working hard this year on perfecting my marketing skills.  I did a photo shoot earlier this year, which has helped with promotional material, and working on my ad copy has help in this slow economy.

I have been doing this now for 26-years and I am still learning… not twisting, but the business stuff.  Entertainers love to show off their newest creation because it is rewarding, compared to showing off an Excel Spreadsheet filled with potential leads.  Cold, raw data is not exciting to most people, unless you are a statistician.  I am starting to realize that raw data is like mining for gold, it takes some work, but  when it pays off it pays off big.

This past week I performed at a corporate picnic and was able to hire Dave Evans, Andy McDonald and Randy Bernstein.  It was fun working with other professionals, who know their craft and are professional.  I knew that they could handle their end of the entertainment.  We all arrived an hour early and had a blast shooting the bull the first hour before the picnic.  That is one of the benefits of working with friends – sharing the experiences, stories, and knowledge that if you need help they are there for you.

As the holiday season approaches, marketing material is developed, and phone calls are made to help assist in the big gigs, I will think back to those beautiful summer days when we stood under the trees at a picnic laughing and twisting balloons. For now, I am thinking about winter and the holiday season.

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