Entertainer to Decorator – Novacaine To My Brain

SnowmenYears of repetition has spawned the question, “can you make me a dozen of those?” From entertainer to decorator I transform.  Sitting in my chair, balloons sprawled all out in disarray, I sit and twist.  Periodically, a voice on the TV draws me in like a moth to a flame.   Time marches by. I take a cookie break and looking out the window to see if any of the snow is sticking to the ground.  Nope, not yet, time to sit back down and twist.

I become like a kid with dyslexic ADD. I just cannot sit there twisting, drawing, and stacking.  I need the spotlight, the oohs and aahs from the crowd, but sadly, my job tonight is to sit here and twist balloons.

Earlier in the week, my wife asked if I could make 21 snowmen for our son’s kindergarten class.  She is helping with my son’s Christmas party and thought it would be nice if each child received a snowman.  When my son was in preschool, she had me make 20 teddy bears for Valentine’s Day, which was a shot of novacaine to my brain.

Years earlier, I accepted a job to make the charters from the Lion King move into centerpieces.  I have learned making one of these are fun, but when you have to do dozen of them, it is mind numbing.

The benefit is I have made this particular snowman for years now and I can do it in my sleep.  I do not even mind helping my wife or making my son’s kindergarten class happy.  It the repetitive process that is the killer.  I do not know how the average person gets up and goes to work every day performing the same task over and over again.  Here I sit making 21 snowmen and I think it is time for another cookie break.  Do not worry honey; you will have your 21 snowmen by morning.


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  1. I love this snowman. They are all so uniform I wondered if the balloons are pre-printed. How do you get them to stay so round? I pre-made some snowmen using the printed snowman 5″ white from Qualatex for a church function, but would love to use this one next year. Although the basics are obvious, is there a tutorial anywhere for how you get them to keep that shape?

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