Election Day

Let me check my calendar

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My Google calendar tells me it’s Election Day, but there is not an election happening today, to my recollection.  As somebody who lives by their calendar appointments, I’m always double-checking to ensure I don’t have something scheduled.  Well, I always have something on my schedule, writing, marketing, playing with the kids, the honey-do list, but sometimes you get that feeling deep down in your gut that you should be somewhere, but in reality, you don’t have to be.  Those are the days that you triple-check your schedule.

The beginning of November is a slow time. After all the Halloween parties, an entertainer’s déjà vu runs high. Didn’t I just do some marketing? Do I have to take the car in for an oil change again?  Time keeps moving, and if we want to stay current, we need to keep track of what’s going on.  Thank heavens for calendars that keep track of those little details, like Election Days.

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