As Twisted as They May Be

They can be holy, transparent, or just odd in shape.

Some are round; some are tall, while others are skinny. Some are limber, while others take superior effort to bend. Some are sturdy, while others are fragile, but no matter how you bend it, they have a breaking point.

You can twist their spirit, break their hearts, or toss them away like a scrape.  They come in multiple colors, some more prevalent than others; yet others are cheap, whereas others are luxurious in there look.

They may be individuals or a couple, but no matter how you stretch it, it comes out the same.  Kids love them, worship and cherish them, as they should.

Nevertheless, I am not speaking about the balloon; I am speaking about something more secretive then a balloon.  Parents, the twisted topic of this post.  Not some crazy balloon-dude’s vision of a balloon boast.

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