Does Your Ego get in You Way?

EgoWhile some people seem to be all ego and others seem to have no ego, does yours get in your way?

MSN Encarta declares ego to be:

  1. self-esteem: somebody’s idea of his or her own importance or worth, usually of an appropriate level
    The climb left us with frostbite and bruised egos.
  1. inflated opinion of self: an exaggerated sense of self-importance and a feeling of superiority to other people

It’s important to be confident about yourself and your abilities. But don’t take it too far! For myself, being honest with myself, I know that my skill level is high! I can tell myself that I am the “Best” Balloon Artist out there, there is nobody better! But, in reality, I have to realize that there is so many people doing balloons that I don’t know or haven’t seen, that there is no way that I could know that I am the BEST!

OK, so number 1 of the definition is great and usually this is where most people’s ego resides. But the one that is not great is the second definition! Being a number 2 is just that! Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance just gets in the way! We have all seen the people that walk around and will only talk to just the skill-level they “think they are” at and will never talk to anyone “below” their station! My, my, my, how much they are going to miss! If anyone is going to be busy with keeping up appearances of grandeur, they won’t have time enjoying the company of new friends who are willing to share! All the fun of getting in and “mixing it up” at jams and conventions! Learning and sharing new things! It’s just too much work for me. I’d rather keep my options open and not close myself off from the outside balloon world! I won’t let it get in my way!

Yep! I’d rather be the person in number 1 AND not thought of as being a number 2! If you know what I mean! Which one are you?

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