Advertising Tips to help Increase Sales

Direct your Marketing to a Specific TargetI’m finishing up my last week of some college classes I’m taking so I’m a little behind on my articles. I don’t want to fail to meet my commitment to you guys so here are four tips from my book from the section on advertising.

Advertising: Where to Advertise

  • Place ads in local, small town papers. There is no need to go after advertising in the large city papers. It costs way too much to be considered truly effective. Focus on advertising in the local papers. These are usually a tenth of the cost, if not less, and they get more readership if a larger number of sections.

These local papers are more centered around the community. They touch and effect peoples lives so they read and pay closer attention to the content. They also feel more closely connected to the stories and that same feeling transfers over to the businesses they see advertised there.

  • Place ads when a couple of weeks or a month before major holidays. If you cannot, or do not wish, to run a great deal of ads you could focus on the holidays. You could offer special deal for this specific holiday

Run the ads when people are actually planning their holiday party. This way they will see your ad and think “That would be great addition to mention on the invitation.” I always try to reach clients in time to be mentioned on the invitation.

**Bonus Tip** Encourage your client to put you name and website on the invitation so their guests can see what to expect. Of course it helps you get your name out there as well.

Target the Advertising

  • Target your ads to a specific group. The best way to do this is think of a specific person you know that is like the clients you are trying to reach. What motivates that person to hire or purchase services? What types of offers does this person like? What section of the paper or magazine is this person most interested in? What type of photos draw their attention?

By making the focus on a specified group answering these questions become a lot easier. Of course you could always find some people in the type of group you desire to reach and get them to answer the questions.

**Bonus Tip** When surveying friends for their opinions do not ask them if they like something do not let them know it is yours if possible. They like you and thereby automatically like your ad/item.

The Call to Action

  • MAJOR POINT: Ask for action. This is important for EVERYTHING you will present to potential client. On ads, letters, phone calls, business cards, and any other way you will make contact with your client give them something to do!

Here are some phrases that you can consider using:

  • Call Today!
  • Order Now!
  • Don’t Miss Out Book Today!

**Bonus Tip** As you can see along with the call to action you should include a time frame. I like to offer specials with my ads or mailings. Create a sense of urgency. Another way to create this type of urgency is to only offer a limited number i.e. “The first 25 customers will receive 20% off

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