Down, but not Out

“I promise I will back up regularly, and check that the backups are valid” say Administrator Michael Floyd after the forum crashes.

This past month reported that a server crashed and all date was lost, according to Floyd.  An oversight in backup procedure to ensure the forum was backed up was overlooked and the unthinkable happened. “I have spent the last week on the phone with the tech support, to no avail” says Floyd.  To complete matters the site has been having spamming issues and all new accounts will need to be manually approved.  All parties interested in registering are required to first register with the forum and then send Michael Floyd a message requesting reinstatement along with your user-name.

The new forum resembles the look of and has all the bells and whistles as the old forum, but sadly without the valued content.  Balloon-Animal member are scrambling to rebuild their community and restore it back to its former self.  The task at hand is daunting, but knowing the balloon industries dedication, will have the new site filled with ideas, content, and resources in the months to come.

Forums like,, and forum have been valuable resources for balloon entertainers to hone their craft and share ideas.

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