From Cowboys to Astronauts

Vaudeville, when people packed theaters to see strange, mystifying, hilarious, and creative shows. It was the era where a

performer captivated the audience with clever dialog and allowed them to use their imagination to transport themselves to parts of the world never seen.  These early acts had their misrepresenting but were creative for their time.  Just as many of us grew up watching westerns on TV, we have Hollywood’s version of what the west was like.

The era of the Astronaut has changed the world. Kids play futuristic games on Xbox and watch videos on cell phones when texting is more popular than talking.  With a touch of a button, they can see places in full streaming video and accurately present what is going on. The audience that does treat themselves to see entertainers perform are treated with IPod music, visual lighting effect with enough candle power exceed the usage of a tiny city in a far off third-world village.  The performer’s ability is no longer to paint a picture with words but to deliver an experience that people can see, touch, and smell. And when we think we have seen it all, 3D videos will give them less reason to see it in person.

Yet, the shows are higher-tech each year; audiences have to do less for each show but me the entertainer… I long for the era of the inquisitive audience and show but clamor for the convenient lifestyle of the Astronaut.

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