Do something cool for me

I was talking with a fellow balloon entertainer, Showtime Tony, a balloon artist in Chicago, about people and getting things free.  And how ironic it was that people who show up late feel more entitled then the people who arrive early and wait patiently.

“I had a group of late arrivals show up and I was finished twisting balloons and they wanted a balloon”, said Tony “I told them, I’ve been doing cool stuff for you all afternoon, do something cool for me and if I like it, I’ll make a balloon animal for you.” Well to his surprise the little girl must have been studying to be a contortionist, almost like if she was a balloon being twisted by a balloon artist. She twisted and turned and her body twisted in to a pretzel.  Tony was blown away and created a balloon masterpiece for her.

People forget that entertainers are people too. We like a variety of entertainment, kindness, and enjoy laughing.  So next time you see an entertainer, do something creative and entertaining for them, because they do something special for you.

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2 thoughts on “Do something cool for me”

  1. I love Showtime Tony’s idea and how, upon being finished and ready to leave the event is approached by latecomers wanting a balloon, then stating he’d been making cool things all afternoon–then asking THEM ‘what’s something cool you can do for me?’ Thanks Dale and Tony!

  2. That was really cool, but I need something a little easier, because I am a young beginner, and need something cool, but not that hard. If you could help me out that would be great. Thanks!

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