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A Bride and Groom Balloon Centerpiece for a Wedding Reception

Balloon Bride and GroomWhen it rains it pours and that runs true when I have to build a balloon sculpture.  It never fails that on the busiest week somebody will order a balloon centerpiece. Just finding the time to build, deliver and insure the balloon arrives in one peace becomes a challenge.

The past week was no exception.  A couple requested I make a bridge and groom for a gift table  for their wedding reception.

This was a new design that I never used before and I was unsure how it would handle over time and in transport.  The brides’ body was the main concern, because holding the head, arms, and dress was just one heart balloon.  If the heart balloon leaks or breaks it means rebuilding the whole bride over, which I was not looking forward too.  Not something you want to happen when making a delivery, have another event scheduled after the drop-off, then be back at the wedding reception to entertain guests.

The bride’s durability was stronger than expected, since I made the bride hours before the wedding reception.  I had the fear of waking up in the morning and finding her slumped over, like if she had already been to a wedding reception and partied all night long.

My fears were just that, fears. Everything turned out perfectly that day.  So as I’ve said “worrying doesn’t solve anything, but waists good energy that can be applied elsewhere.”

If you would like to see more detailed pictures on how I built the bridge and groom, make a donation to the mbd2com forum and become a full member, because I’ll be posting more pictures in the forum.

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