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Magical Balloon-dude Dale


The wedding reception is the finale to a special day and having the right wedding entertainment is mandatory. Magical Balloon-dude Dale understands that this event is the most special day in your life and prompt, professional wedding entertainment is required.

Balloon entertainment is a unique activity for a wedding reception that is wel-accepted by the young and old.

Get the party started! Wedding entertainment starts early when guest are arriving. Early arrivars can be entertained by Magical Balloon-dude Dale's artistic balloon twisting will amuse your wedding guests and put them in a party mood.

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If you preferater wedding entertainment, Dale can arrive midway through dinner and entertain wedding guests who have completed dinner and wish to be entertained while other guests complete dinner.


Magical Balloon-dude Dale will keep kids occupied, and the wedding party clamoring for a balloon. Hire Chicago's best wedding entertainment; hire Magical Balloon-dude Dale - also available for rehearsal dinner entertainment.


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