How to Make A Balloon Hat – Argh Pirate Hat that is.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, little boys LOVE a pirate hat and a quick sword! This one is a piece of cake.

Balloon Hat

Inflate TWO black 260s leaving about a 1″ tip. Burp, tie off. Make about an 8″ loop on each of the balloons on the nozzle end.

Balloon HatPut a loop on each side of the child’s head and form a hat base like so.

Balloon Hat

Make a small bubble on the end of one of the balloons.
Balloon HatTwist it under the loop on the opposite side of the hat base.
Balloon HatRepeat with the other balloon. You should have two arches going up and over the child’s head.
Balloon HatInflate a white 5″ round about the size of a grapefruit.
Balloon HatPinch off a small bubble at the top of the 5″ round.
Balloon HatTwist it in at the center of the arches on the top of the hat base.
Balloon HatPull the nozzle down and twist it in on ONE of the bubbles that forms the hat base.
Balloon HatAdd artwork
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  1. Hi Pat
    Thanks for the Pirate hat idea,
    I am at a Unitarian retreat in West VA and they were having a little talent show for adults. I needed to make a hat for a guy doing a pirate song and I loved your idea with the skull attached.. Thanks :0)

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