Balloon Entertainer Ties People Together

Balloon AnimalsLittle Jimmy is running all over the place and it does not matter how loud mom yells, little Jimmy has his own objective and no authority figure will keep him from doing what he wants. Along comes a quick-witted balloon entertainer who can captivate little Jimmy’s attention for several minutes, just long enough to slap the cuffs on this hyperactive youngster and attach him to his uncaring mother.

The vibe in the room instantly changes, and you can feel delight, approval, and that “YES!” feeling you get when a car is tailgating you and dangerously weaves through traffic. In the rear view mirror, you can see a cop car slowly moving up, and minutes later, you see red and blue lights flashing. The idiot in the car is pulled over. Cuff an unruly child to their parent and love & joy abound.

Over the years I have cuffed and bound a Playboy model, tied numerous single women to people they thought were cute in bars, and attached entire families. The key to tying people up with balloons, it must be done playfully, must be a surprise, and you have to pick the right people.

How to select people to tie up.

  • Look for people who are enjoying the entertainment
  • Look for interaction – with you or others.
  • Make them your assistant – bring them into the mix
  • Cuff them last – unless you are attaching them to a permanent object, and then make them second to last.
  • Always, make it fun – never do it to be mean

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