Bad Party Idea

Parents don’t do this… In Parents Magazine they give ideas on how to createR fantastic party theme. One of their ideas is to use balloons as and invite. BAD IDEA… They say “Inflate a balloon, but don’t knot it. Write the party details on the surface with a soft tipped permanent marker, and then carefully deflate. Your little guest’s parent must blow up the balloon to read the invitation.”

PROBLEM – Not all markers will write on a balloon – I should know this being a professional balloon entertainer who wrote a book about drawing faces on balloons. The good majority of markers will not dry on the latex and simply smear off; getting ink not only on you, but anything it touches.

Sharpies Markers are what balloon entertainer use, but they too will not work. When the balloon is inflated the sharpie ink will dry to the touch – once the balloon deflates, the permanent ink reactivates and acts like an ink pad.

I would suggest you hire a balloon entertainer for the party and send a paper cutout of a balloon animal. This way you won’t have to worry about ink getting all over you or the kids.


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