Bad Ass Clown


I like to arrive early for a birthday party and as I was sitting in my car outside the house. I could not help notice a big forest green truck drive past.  In the back cab window, on the right side, was a sticker saying, “Bad Ass!” and on the left side was an outline of a boy giving the middle finger.

I did not think much of it until I saw a bright pink neon wig pop out of the driver’s side door.  Off she trotted up the driveway to the same house I was going to.   At the party, the neon clown was painting kids’ faces. I am not a face painter but have worked with some of the best in Chicago, and clearly, she was a newbie.

I realize that we all have a personality and some people express their views on their vehicles, but I just found it a little ironic for somebody telling the world that they are a “Bad Ass” and giving the finger was a face-painting clown.

2 thoughts on “Bad Ass Clown”

  1. I’m hoping that she borrowed her hubby’s van to get to the gig, and maybe because that sticker has been on for so long, she spaced it off…
    NOT very smart – no… too bad…
    another thing done that makes the rest of us look bad 🙁

    Mirae / Twinkles the CLASSY Clown 🙂

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