Twisting Balloons are as versatile as Duct tape

Twisting Balloon ar better then duct tapeAsk any professional balloon entertainer if they have every used a twisting balloon to repair something and you will get a “Yes”.  Twisting balloons, which main purposes is for twisting balloon animals, have adapted to many other uses. While performing, the brass nozzle connected to my electric balloon pump became lose.  I grabbed a twisting balloon and cutoff a small piece, tightly wrapped it around the brass connection, and screwed the pieces together. Who needs plumbers tape when you have twisting balloons?

When I was younger and performing as a clown, the elastic waistband in my clown pants was deteriorating.  The weight of the balloon apron was pulling at my pants and making them slip.  I reached for two twisting balloons, tied them together and jumped into the newly created rubber band.  Presto, a solution to my falling down pants, problem solved.

Have you ever had one of those annoying cuts on your finger that needs a little pressure to help it stop bleeding?  Take a round balloon and cut of the nozzle.  Slide it over your bandaged finger creating a rubber sleeve that will keep pressure on the wound and keep it dirt free.

Businesses are always looking to reduce cost and one cost saving tip we use at the mbd2.coms store is to use twisting balloon as packing filler.  The balloons add no weight to the package, they are durable, and flexible to conform to any shape box.  Since the balloon takes a couple weeks to deflate, they arrive at the customer fully inflated.

Need some flair for the local sporting event.  Take 3 twisting balloon of the teams colors and do a simple three-stranded braid. It is simple to make, inexpensive, and one size fits all.

Like the duct tape enthusiasts who have made clothing out of duct tape, so have balloon artists. They have transformed simple twisting balloons into swimsuits, evening dress, and outlandish costumes all from a simple twisting balloon.

Homemade rubber bands, lanyards, and bungee cords are typical usages for twisting balloons, but do not over look the commercial usage of these balloons.  Balloon Artists are creative people and you will see a never-ending usage for the twisting balloon.  So what unusual way have you used a twisting balloon lately?

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