September is Internation Balloon Month – Feel the Breeze!

September Internatinal Balloon Month - Balloon PoliticianWow, it starts in September with the politicians making promises and boasting about their accomplishments – do you feel the wind.  Imagine if we could harness all that hot air and put in to a balloon.  Balloon Artists around the world would not need a balloon pump, but could recycle the hot air being spewed into the atmosphere at political rallies. Ironically, September is International Month of Balloons created by International Balloon Association (IBA)

IBA is promoting September as the International Balloon Month and that you should send a balloon to family, friends, clients, and you may even see politicians getting into the act with a balloon arch or column here or there. After all, a quality latex balloon is environmentally friendly.

International Balloon Month is more than balloon manufactures trying to increase balloon sales. Each year balloon artists, decorators and deco-twister are growing their business and expanding the views of what a balloon can achieve.  From balloon sofa, balloon art, and balloon dresses, the balloon industry is changing the public’s views of what can be accomplished with a balloon.

From local drug stores, specialty balloon companies, party stores, and Internet shops are reaching more consumers then in years past.  IBA is constantly educating retailers on balloon environmental safety and consumer laws.

The simple act of giving a balloon can bring joy to somebody’s day. It stimulates economic growth in a business sector, and the only limits are artist vision, shape, and durability. I guess you could say it is like a politician’s speech in that it has no boundaries; it is customized to the client, but at the end of the day, a balloon will not let you down.  Well maybe after it is deflated or is that a politician I’m describing?

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