Quality vs Quantity, A Balloon Entertainers Conflict

Ford or Ferrari Entertainer

The world changed when Henry Ford created the assembly line. The handcrafted era was ending, and the era of quick, easy to produce, and uniqueness was worked out of the production equation, and everything is standard.  

As I entertained at the Chicago Bull’s pre-game on Halloween, an array of quickly produced Bull’s hats flowed from balloon artists around the stadium.  The talent levels varied, but fans could not tell the difference if the person making the hat was doing this for 20+ years or if they were plucked off the street and taught hours before the game.

People approach me while entertaining and shot out balloon requests, and I responded with, “I want a Ferrari.”  This gets a laugh, and I take it from there. If you have a choice between a Ford and a Ferrari, which would you take?

Pumpkin-Chicago-BullsFerrari’s are for a select, elite few, while Fords are for the everyday car driver.  Yet, I want the Ferrari; I crave the new, exciting, and unique design. Nevertheless, I found myself making the everyday Bull’s hat, which on this day, was bothering me because I want to make Ferrari’s.  When presented, the fans wanted something uniquely crafted and not the “A” typical balloon.

Did I make what the public wanted? “Yes,” for all who asked for a Bull’s hat. However, for the selected elite few, Bull’s Pumpkins were distributed with a flare, craftsmanship, and entertainment. When I get the opportunity, a Ferrari is what I am. When forced to be a square peg in a round hole, than an everyday Ford is what I must be.

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