How to Make a Pencile out of Balloon Animals

This is a silly little pencil. It is great for a back to school type theme!

Pencile Eraser out of Ballons

Inflate the tip of a pink 360 about 1 to 2 inches.

Pencile BalloonFully inflate a Marigold or a Goldenrod 360 leaving about a 1″ tip. Tie the pink 360 on the nozzle end of the body of the pencil.

Balloon Pencile

Inflate a grey 260 leaving about a 6 inch tip. Form a loop large enough to go around the 360. Now make a small bubble another loop the same size as the first followed by another bubble and loop the same as the others for a total of 3 loops and 2 bubbles.

Balloon Pencile

Slide them down and over the eraser and the body of the pencil.

Balloon PencileFront view with artwork.

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