Onsite Giveaways

Onsite giveaways. What’s it all about? Where can you get some? What do they do for you?

Corporate Giveaways

Onsite giveaways are anything that isn’t expected, contracted, or implied. They are surprises for the people who got you to the event, the people who went the extra mile and pushed you to their clients. You know–the producers, agents, and the people on site who will make the event a success for you. It’s a classy touch that’s easy to do. It goes a long way at getting you noticed and remembered. It’s the type of stuff that can keep you top of mind with producers and clients.

What should you bring as a giveaway to a corporate event? An item that has worked successfully time and again? T-shirts. Get them from The $2.95 Guys. Unbelievable quality! If other things in the world were made as good as these t-shirts, the world would be a much better place. Remarkable quality!

They branded thumb drives. At all of these events, the important people, busy working, have a thumb drive around their neck or on some lanyard cord. Giving them one with your branded logo, name, and website is a huge gift. No one throws those things away, so think about using those as giveaways at corporate events.

Branded teddy bears. I have never done this, but I’ve seen many of them onsite, and people love them. Of course, they are taken home and given to kids, but every time a producer puts their kid to sleep, they look at your name. Not a bad idea.

If you are a musician: branded guitar picks, branded pens, anything else that you like that ties into your talent.

Here is another idea–turn the tables. When you get to an event, have flowers or a goodie basket delivered to the producer’s room with a lovely card thanking them for having you. You know that those goodie baskets and flowers end up in the talent’s room, but how interesting that would be to turn the tables. I think I am going to try that one myself.

What do these give-aways do for you? They keep your name top of mind with producers and clients.

That’s about as good as it gets, right? Nothing wrong with showing up empty-handed, but really, why would you? Think about that. Small changes in this market bring big results. For every opportunity you have to get something onsite, ask yourself, “Can I do this a little differently than everybody else? Can I do this a little bit better? Can I leave my mark on this?”

It’s like showing up at a friend’s house with a bottle of wine or flowers versus showing up with nothing at all. Both are fine, but one is fantastic. It’s another touch of professionalism that will make you stand out in this very competitive arena.

Brainstorm about onsite giveaways that you can pass out at your next corporate event. Guaranteed to help you be remembered.

I’ll see you on the road.

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