Why did I Make a Logo?

The eat more chicken company logo gets twisted

Chick-fil-A Logo

Being a promotional balloon entertainer, and have spent the majority of my life working with balloons. Customers assume you can create anything on the spot. I can be working a trade show, and somebody will hand me a business card and request their logo.  Many times the logo is not a simple picture. It has odd angles, letters intertwined with a graphic, or worse yet is a graphic inside the lettering.

No matter what the logo is, most entertainers will give it a shot. The final product is graciously accepted, and you hope the next client asks for something that you mastered in your repertoire.

Just recently, I had to make the Chick-fil-A logo and was happy with the outcome.  I often think to myself, only if I had 2-3 days to develop the design, but that is never the case. So you think on your feet and twist the best you can do.

Now, I could have used glued and attached the beak,  played around, and made the white balloon, then encompassed it with the orange, but this is being made on the fly.  That’s part of the fun of being a balloon entertainer, doing it live.  Plus, the customer gets a kick out of stumping me or at least making me think.

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