Kid’s Events will be Decreasing in 2012

Birth rate is dropping and so to is the need for kids entertainment and decorations.

Have you notice a decline in your 1st birthday party business?  Since 2007 the national birth rate for the USA has be declining. Economic, decline of baby-boomers, and the ever increasing cost of raising a child are factoring into the equation of the decline in the birth rate.

According to the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, the poor economy is responsible for birth rates falling to their lowest rates since 2007, falling into the same pattern not seen since the Great Depression. Today’s birth rates are 65 births per 1,000 women – less than rates found in 1935 when birth rates were 77 per 1,000 women.

The decrease has a ripple effect though the balloon business.  A decrease in children will result in less 1st birthday party entertainment, Christenings, baby showers, and kids programs. Affected will be schools, daycare’s, and libraries as they see budgets getting smaller and the child population decreases.

This means that over the next decade we will see shrinking kids programs. It doesn’t mean the elimination of the programs, but a reduction in the activities.  Producers of events look at the number of attendees and hire entertainment appropriately; a drop in kids means smaller fairs and festivals.  Entertainers will have to widen their entertainment skills and cater to teenagers and adults.

Chicago Taste of Chicago is downsizing again this year and are trying to reduce costs.  Even thought they bring thousands of people out to the Taste, attendees are not spending as years past.  Loss of revenue is forcing venue changes.  With the decreases in families, organizer are going to be focusing on the larger attendees who will be teenagers and young adults.

Restaurants, which have been hit by bad economy, will see a drop in kid’s meals.  I’m sure Mc Donalds is watching the statistics closely.  Could this be one reason they are now focusing on more adult type breakfast menu and new coffee drinks more geared to adults then kids?

When will things get back to normal? Until the economic environment improves and people learn how to start saving for families, a house, and parties, people who derive a career off of kid’s events will have to adapt or go out of business. Taxes are going higher, regulations are increasing, the kid population is decreasing, and kid entertainers must change or they too will be decreasing like the USA birth rate.

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