Information Overload

I’m amazed at how much time is spent just keeping up with information that is coming across my desk. My email box is overflowing with email messages, my voice mail is flashing, text messages are pinging my phone, and my Facebook and MySpace inboxes have friend requests waiting to be accepted.

I find myself contently writing, promoting, and seeking out new ways to network my balloon entertainment business. The website development slows as I focus on my Facebook social networking. I solicited new friends on the social network; I am accepting requests from colleagues that I’ve known for years. I have all the current email, website, MySpace URL, blog information, but they still feel obligated to send a request to be a friend.

I am starting to get the feeling like I am buying music.  First, I bought the 45-single, then I would buy the 33 with the best of, repurchased it on 8-track, and eventually upgraded to cassette.   Who knew I would be buying it again in CD format just so I can hear it in my car.  Now, I am back to buy the songs individually for my iPod.

Information technology is a vicious cycle. We grasp at it to reap its benefits and then quickly drop it once the newest technology becomes popular.  I now question if we really are dropping the old technology or are we so inundated with information that we just choose to ignore it and gravitate to the “newest” form of communication?

The overload of information makes it harder to really communicate and stay connected. It’s getting to a point where we are choosing which channel of communication best suits us and slowly ignoring other communication channels; just so, we can focus harder on one communication channel.

The older I get the more overloaded I become and look forward to a relaxing afternoon unshackled from my computer and free from my cellophane reception. So I ask you, are you feeling overloaded like me?  Let me know by email, MySpace, Facebook or simply leave a comment here.

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