Hot Dog! Pitching my Service to a Food Distributor


The good and bad about being a professional balloon entertainer is that I can create whatever a customer wants out of balloons.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not. They are times when being too creative means much more work and planning. I did a trade show in Las Vegas a couple of years back for a Chiropractic company, and they wanted me to replicate the human spine.  I was able to do it with a bit of creativity, but when I put the spine on a Harley, I thought the owner would wet his pants with excitement.

This week I was contacted by my Agent who was pitching me for a Trade Show in CT.  The client is a food distributor and was wondering what I could do with food.  I found some poultry – the Turducken—freezer food – Pizza which living in Chicago is a deep dish, and a hot dog.  I didn’t think when I made the dog – it should have been a Chicago Dog. I provided some dairy with a cow – just trying to cover all the basics that I could think of at the time.

Did you say "Chicken Sandwich?"
Chicken Sandwich

The fun part can produce these creations; the bad part is the Agent usually wants the information that day.  The upside to this is when you land the gig and work with the client; the final balloon design blows them away. That’s what they pay me to do.

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