The obvious solution sits on your head.

When you work in a creative industry, there are always going to be ideas that spread through the community. Entertainers introduce new ideas, tools, or techniques into their repertoire. Will these things make it into their everyday entertainment style? Who knows? However, one idea that has been going around for a while is attaching a balloon to a headband.

If you are not an entertainer, you’re wondering so what’s special about that? It’s just common senses to use a headband to attach something to a person’s head. In fact, Steve Martin’s I”m Wild and Crazy Guy act, an arrow trough the head was part of the act. That’s the funny part, it was right there for all to see.

As an entertainer we’re looking to impress you with the balloons, comedy, or just great personality, but sometimes we simply overlook the obvious. As entertainers, the obvious is what we should be looking for.  After all creative or funny ideas are based on obvious observations.

Now, the things you can attach to a headband are limitless. It’s just the idea we can do it which is the “exciting” part of this new idea. Entertainers have always made figures, hats, bracelets and now wearable head art, that’s not a hat.

So, don’t be a turkey. Get yourself a couple headbands and give it a whirl.  Your observation may be the next new fade circulating through the balloon industry.

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