Having Fun with Balloons at the Chicago White Sox Parade

The Chicago White Sox’s have had parades for select fans to march around the US Cellular infield throughout the years. For the past 2-years, I have been performing my kid’s balloon entertainment at the pre-game activities. Since getting my new digital camera, I have been bringing it with me, and at this particular event, some parents forgot to bring their cameras. Never fear your favorite Magical Balloon-dude Dale has his camera at his ready. So if you’re one of those parents, send me an email, and I will send you a copy.

This is the first season that I’ve been making balloon baseball hats. It’s a quick, simple hat that requires 2-260 balloons and a 5 inch round. Then make a quick loop hat and attach an uninflated 260 onto the end of the loop hat. Inflate a 5″ round and draw on some laces and attach to the uninflated 260 balloons. I inflate a 260 or 250 balloon and use that as the bat.

Here is a picture of a mom and son standing next to a backdrop picture. You can see in the picture the boy is wearing the baseball hat that I made.

Chicago White Sox - Mon and Son Parade

I had to take a picture of this young Sox’s fan fingers. Apparently, she is in love with third basemen Joe Crede. Check out those nails!

Chicago White Sox Fan
I Love Crede Finger Nails

Here is a picture of Joe and his mom. Joe was playing hooky from work … I wonder if he still has a job after this picture? Disclaimer: This is not Joe Crede, but Joe the Chicago White Sox’s fan.

Chicago White Sox Fan - Joe and his mom

Most people see the field from the stand perspective, but here are a couple of pictures from the back of the left-field, some 330 feet away. When you’re in the stand, it doesn’t look that far away but from the ground – the boy that’s a long way.

This is the parade line going into US Cellular Field

View for left field some 330 feet from home plate

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