Doubleheader Recap: 100 Articles in October

Doubleheard Recap Day 5 & 6Wow,  am I getting old, or are the day’s just flying bye? I didn’t get a change to write a recap for day five and day six is here.  I am afraid to blink my eyes, because day seven is quickly approaching.

Day Five started with many good articles and comments flowing to the blog.  We started with great ideas for a new balloon entertainer.  From instruction on How to Make a Huge Balloon Sword to Kids Games that Involve Balloons, these can help beginner entertainers develop party skills.  Great advice given by Barry about The Other Kind of Follow Up needed to improve your corporate entertainment, while Jolene educated the world on No Prize for the Most Fonts Used.  This surely will help entertainers improve their marketing material, while Michael’s, 5 Web 2.0 Sites you MUST be on if you WANT to be seen educated us on SEO marketing.

For those people looking to find extra income by entertaining at a restaurant, Jonathan provided A Step by Step Guide to Pitching a Restaurant, along with Jason’s perspective on Its not About You will help an entertainer better focus the conversation.

Bizarro gave us a peak into the world of magic with Magicians Lib and It Seemed Like A Good Idea isn’t referring to Bizarro’s article. Lastly, Rick have gave us advice about How to Prepare for Teaching at an International Convention

That concluded Day Five’s, but like I said…. DO NOT BLINKDay Six’s Recap is here!

Day Six of 100 Articles in October consisted of new insights into better developing your business skills. What is Weighing on You? helps you understand the important takes at hand and if you can get organized to do this then Schedule: Improves Your Time Management. Keep in mind you have to figure out How much is YOUR Hat Worth?

Homemade is great when you are talking apple pie, but not for business will help you in developing a business that will get attention.  Along with Shannon’s article Display Options for Face Painters can really take an entertainer to a whole other level.”>How to Make a Balloon Flower Tulip, The Basics Balloon Twists, and guest writer Jimmy Leo’s Building a Show brings it to a full day of reading and digesting. Then you came back to reality and realize you need to generate some business and Michael’s article The Basics of a Search Engine Ranking help you achieve it.

Now, I know you wondering …. What is coming up next?  Well, you are just going to have to check back tomorrow for the next round of articles… 100 Articles in October.

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