How to Make a Balloon Animals Octopus

What fun! Children and adults LOVE this one!

Balloon Animals Octopus

Inflate a Betallatex Doll Body about the size of a large grapefruit. Set aside.

Balloon Animals Octopus

Inflate a white 5″ round about the size of a mandarin orange. Set aside.

Octopus Leg

Spiral inflate 4 160s.

160 Balloon Octopust Legs

Twist all of the 160s together in the center.

Octopus Balloon Eyes

Twist the white 5″ round in half to form it’s eyes.

Octopus Balloon Animal BodySqueeze enough air into the other half of the Doll Body about the size of and apple and twist. The eyes should be twisted in between the two bubbles.

Balloon Animal Octopus

Gently stretch the spirals so they are not so tight. Add artwork! I like to have one of the tighter spirals wrap around the child’s arm to hold on.

Balloon Octopus Side View

Side view.

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