Details For A Reason

I have learned over the years, that details can be the difference between working and not working.  Do that little extra on a balloon design can bring accolades from colleagues and friends, but when you working a line or large crowds, you need to know what detail is important. Adding that unneeded detail, just because you can, does not do anything for the balloon figure, it only feeds the performers ego.

So what is the one detail that gets me more gigs?  It is one that many entertainers overlook or neglect to do and is very simple.  Learn how to incorporate your business card into your design or presentation.  Whenever you build a character with hands, stuff a business card into the figures hand or mouth and watch the subconscious magic occurs. People automatically ask you if you do parties, they study your business card, and lastly they now have your contact information.

I have observed over the years, that when you include a business card into the figure and present the card in this fashion, people are more likely to accept the card.  The balloon figure acts as a third party, the go-between that separates the entertainer and the client just enough to act like a referral.  It may sound weird that this works, but on some bizarre subconscious level, it does and with some success.  In addition, anything that generates more work, is effortless, and does not affect my advertising budget, I am all for.

So this Halloween do not be surprised if a figure from me comes with a business card.  My goal is simple; get my contact information in front of you so you can hire me for that party later in the year.

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