Christ on the Cross Pt2

This is the continuation of Christ on the Cross

  1. Twist ten ½-1 inch bubbles. Connect at the first and tenth joints.
  2. Ear-twist the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th bubbles (Marked X). Divide the 5th and 7th ear twists in half. Pop the 6th bubble.
  3. Twist two 3 inch bubbles, two ½-1` inch bubbles, one 3 inch bubble. Connect at the first and last joint.
  4. Twist two ½ inch bubbles. Ear-twist those and arrange. Pop the remaining balloon.
  5. Twist together the hand ear twists to the ear twists on the crossbeams.
  6. On the crosspiece, twist a ½-1 inch bubble and ear twist that. Attach the feet of the Christ figure to this ear twist.


The head can lean forward, which would make it more realistic.

This is a basic Christ on a Cross. I usually don’t put a face on this figure. Like other balloon artists who use this, how can you truly picture the agony of Christ on a cross? It will take a meaning all it’s own, unique to each who might receive it. I was working a 4th of July a couple years ago, and felt led to create this for a gentleman. No explanation except I had to make it. After he received it, he started crying. His wife came to me a little bit later and told me that he had been going through some things and that balloon figure and what it represented was just what he needed. The power that we hold in our hands, as we fashion things out of little tubes of rubber!  As we twist for people, just remember, as cool as our fabulous creations are, they will all eventually pop. People will remember you, long after the balloon is gone, by how you touched their lives.

Keep on Twistin,

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