Own a Conference Call Number

Free Conference CallingHave you ever brainstormed with a group of people on the phone, hung up, and forgotten some of the good stuff? It’s a terrible thing to do and a terrible waste of time.

Talking with prospects, agents, or the very desirable client conference call should be preserved, and you should be able to listen to what happened instantly. That’s important. Taking notes just doesn’t cut it. You have to be focused on your call.

I got into conference calling a while back and I want to share with you the way you can set up your very own conference call. Once I discovered this, I found it to be invaluable and wonder how I ever lived without it.

Remember in the seven day course, lesson six, I talked about the big tip? I always include in my request for a conference call the information that I have a line where I can host the call. It’s not a big deal, but it does take you from begging amateur to alpha dog professional. It lets the client know that you’ve done this before, that you’re confident in doing it, and that you’re going to provide the infrastructure to get everybody on the phone.

And guess what? You can have your own conference call line in about ten minutes from right now for free.

The website is called freeconferencecall.com. Go over there and sign up. There’s no junk mail. I have been using it for over a year and they do not flood you with junk mail at all. I haven’t received any.

After each call I do get a report and a download link where I get to download the mp3 of each call, and that is invaluable. They do only store the last call you make so if you want to get the download of the call, make sure you go get it before you make your next conference call.

Here’s how it works: everyone calls into the same number and enters a special access code. There is a long distance charge, but is anyone really paying for long distance anymore? I mean between Vonage, Skype, cell phones, and a host of other options, the whole paradigm of long distance seems to have all but faded.

You can get ninety callers on the call at the same time and it all costs the same–zero. If someone from the group can’t be on the call, it’s easy enough to download the mp3 after the call and just email it to them.

As the conference host, you get to control who is heard by controlling the muting. While there is a learning curve, you can pick all this up pretty quickly and start using it on clients, brainstorming sessions–even with mentors and fellow performers.

Here is an idea: use it for a mini family reunion. What a great time to get to control of who is being heard.

This is Barry with another little business tip to make you look more professional in your quest to get more corporate gigs.

I will see you on the road.

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