Burglars Among Us

I hear the sabers rattling and the word quickly spreads over social media like gas on bomb fire when an entertainer knowingly uses another entertainer’s image. The purpose is simply, the offender is lazy and wants to use the other person’s hard work and research to benefit them.  No matter how you dissect it, it boils down to a singular reason, financial gain.  Otherwise they could have simply used their own material, but instead choose to steal, plagiarize, and misrepresent customers and the industry.

So what should we do with people like this in the industry?  Since I am from the Chicago area taking a baseball bat to their knees is an option, but sadly, that gets you tossed in jail. However, it is an option.

Balloon conventions need to get serious about the industry. It is not all twisting and jam rooms. Convention management should be addressing serious matters by qualified leaders.  This popularity contest stuff needs to stop.  Just because they are funny, can twist a balloon, or have a reputation does not make them the perfect candidate.  Conventional management should be seeking out ethical, respectful, and  be grooming industry leaders that advance the industry.

I am happy to announce that the Florida Super Jam will be addressing some of these issues and I applaud them in being bold in stepping up to the plate and willing to address issues affecting the balloon industry.  Like I said, I am from Chicago, I know from personal experience how popularity and connections can make you an “established leader”.  Let us get serious, set some ethics, remove manufacture controls, and drop the popularity contest.  If we want a professional industry, let’s establish one.

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