10 Party Tips for Insuring your Entertainers Shows Up

10 Planning Tips for Mothers and Event Coordinators
on Insuring your Entertainers Shows up

Party-TimeNothing is more frustrating to an entertainer then trying to get to an event on time, just to find out that the address is wrong or there is no parking for miles around.  I have been entertaining for birthday parties and corporate events for over twenty-five years and I still run into problems getting to an event.  It has nothing to with me leaving on time—it is the information provided to me, by the agent or client, which makes it difficult.

Here are some helpful tips for insuring your entertainers show up to your birthday party or corporate event on time.

  1. Request a contract – When an entertainer is bound to sending out a contract they mentally and physically are committing themselves to that event.  By having them send you a contract it assures them of not missing your event.  It reinforces their commitment to your event.
  2. Verify the information on the contract.  Over the years, I have made typing mistakes and the client has overlooked these details.  When I plug the ddress into the GPS and it does not respond, I go into a  panic mode, Now What!  I do not have time to do a MapQuest, so I just have to drive to that area and hope I find it. Reduce stress on all parties, double check contract information.
  3. Avoid vanity address—Vanity address are not list on maps.  Use the fire address, the actual numbers with street names.
  4. If the event is in  new construction, provide major crossroads.  This will allow the entertainer to get in close proximity to the event.
  5. Parking can be a major issue when performing in a major city; even smaller cities have regulations, parking permits and designated areas.  By providing parking information to the entertainer and explaining the area will help them better estimate their arrival.
  6. Corporate clients need to provide mobile numbers for contacts.  Too often, the entertainer arrives but waists time looking for the contact person.  Providing the office number does not help a performer, they need direct contact with a representative from the company.
  7. Provide banquet hall names or numbers.  Nothing is worse than entering at a banquet hall and finding out that there are three events going.  The staff has no ideas who the contacts are or what the event is about, so it is important that you provide the banquet room name.
  8. Prompt payment—now, this may seem strange to provide, but entertainers waist a lot of time for the client to pay them.  Looking for checkbooks, hunting down spouses, or finding that person who has the check.  This time is not in the entertainer’s time management schedule and is just making them late for their next appointment.  So prompt payment allows the entertainer off to the next party and keep to his schedule.
  9. Prompt start time—this typically is not a problem at a corporate event.  If the party starts at 6:00 and goes until 10:00 then the entertainment is ready to go even if the guests are not.  Private parties are a different story.  Entertainers are on a schedule and asking them to start 15-20 minutes later then planned interferes with other parties.  Therefore, keeping  the party on schedule will guarantee the entertainment goes on time.
  10. Be flexible—if an entertainer is running late they will call to let you know. It is an unwritten rule in the entertainment field that if I show up 15 minutes late, I will stay that extra 15 minutes.   Be flexible and relax—let the entertainers do their job and everyone will have fun.

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