Life Challenges Are Not going to Slow Me Down

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It seems like it has been a very long time since I have written anything, and finding time to write is becoming more of a challenge.  I am not the type of person who quickly backs down from a challenge; I am more to rise to the occasion and figure out how to accomplish it, even when faced with new obstacles.  The latest challenge in my life is the arrival of my second son Wyatt.  Wyatt, born on June 8th and like the arrival of my first son Carter, has discombobulated Michelle and my lives for the better.  With a newborn in the house, the battle to keep the house clean, stocked with diapers, and create playtime for Carter.  Carter’s keywords are “play, de, play.”   So many times, I find myself leaving the keyboard behind and going off to play or chasing him around the house as he tells me “No” when I call him.

I am still writing down ideas for articles, and some are quickly developing in my head.  These are the articles that I can sit down and start typing.  One such article was, Increasing Business and Becoming Successful is more than being at the Right Place at the Right Time, but this was an easy topic for me to write.

Having a two-year-old in the house and a newborn, I haven’t kept up with current news, so for all I know, the recession is over, the housing market is back to full strength, world peace is just hours away, and the Stock Market is hitting its high.  If anyone is interested, I am coming close to residing the whole Cars movie by heart.  So, if you are more in tune with the world than me, please let me know what is happening.  I am off to watch Cars again!

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