Copyright Policy

Using Copyrighted Material

Unless otherwise noted, all material appearing on, including but not limited to articles, newsletters, graphical images, interactive applications, audio, and video material, compilations of material, and the user interface (the “Content”), is copyrighted by, 16334 Boardwalk Terrace, Orland Hill, IL 60477, USA and its licensors and vendors and cannot be reused in any way without prior permission. This guide explains your legal options for using’s copyrighted Content. If you have any usage requests not covered by this guide, you must forward these to to obtain prior permission.

Linking to Our Site

What is a link?

When we refer to a link, we mean a hypertext link: You post the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of Content on our site to your site. This can be done by including the link in text form on your site or attaching a URL to a logo for the reader to click on.

May I link to from my Web site?

To create up to three links to Content on, you do not need to request permission. Notify us of your link by sending an e-mail to with the URL(s) of the Online Content you plan to link to and with the exact URL(s) of the places on your site where we can find the link(s).

May I create multiple links to from my Web site?

You can create up to three links without prior permission. However, if you plan to create more than three links, you need to request permission by sending an e-mail to that contains a description of your site, the planned location of the links on your site, and the URL of the Content you intend to link to.

World and the linking party.

May I use the logo for my link?
If you want to link to our site by using a logo, you may do so, but you must use one of the logos provided by for such use. Visit and select the logo you want to use without modification. Please know that you may use any of these logos solely in conjunction with a link to our site.

How do I create a logo-based link?

Save the logo to your local directory by right-clicking the image. Note the file name of the image. Next, note the URL of the page to which you want to link. Create a link like this:

<a href=”URL of page goes here”><img src=”filename of image goes here”></a>

May I use the headline or any part of the Content for my link?

You may not use any part of the Content for your link, including article headlines, without our prior permission. If you are interested in such an option and would like to obtain permission information, please get in touch with and submit a brief description of your site, planned location of the links on your site, and URL of the

The content you plan to link to.

How long does a link last?

Not all links to our site will endure the test of time. Some of our URLs are static, and others are dynamically generated. This may affect the lifespan of a link. It is up to you to make sure the link is still “live.”

May I frame a link?

Many sites have adopted the use of frames on their pages. Although frames may give your site a look and feel that you seek, they create potential pitfalls when it comes to links. That’s why you need prior permission from us before making a framed link to our site. We are handling requests for framed links on a case-by-case basis. Contact for details.

Forwarding Content Via E-mail

May I redistribute articles, article excerpts, or newsletters via e-mail?
If you plan to e-mail Content to more than one recipient and/or to anyone regularly, you must get prior permission to do so. Contact for permission and fee information.

Using Excerpts or Quotes

May I use an excerpt or quote that was published as part of
Readers and vendors alike want to use excerpts from articles in their own material from time to time. That’s fine, as long as you have been given permission in advance. Please e-mail the quote(s) you’d like to use along with the article’s exact headline and author(s) and a brief description of how you plan to use the quote to We will get back to you within five business days with official permission and (if applicable) fee information.

May I include the logo with the quote?
If you plan to incorporate a logo into your excerpt, specify your desire to use the logo in the e-mail requesting permission that you send to


May I photocopy Content for distribution to my customers and clients?
If you are interested in copying a article for promotional use, please e-mail the article headline, author, URL, and a brief description about how you plan to use the copies to